Elastic Wear

Elastic Wear (Rubber Bands)

  • Braces Rubber Bands PlanoBraces can align and straighten teeth. It is the elastics (rubber bands) that will correct the bite and achieve the desired treatment result.
  • In order to achieve proper tooth movement, elastics must be worn all of the time. Day and night. It is ok to remove the elastics while eating, brushing, wearing a mouth guard for sports, singing and playing a musical instrument. Wear the elastics to your appointments so we can check them to be sure they are attached to the correct teeth.
  • If you forget which teeth to put your elastics on, please call us.
  • If you are getting low on your supply of elastics or you lose them, please call us. You can come by the office to get more, or we can mail some to you. Do not just wait for your next appointment to get more elastics.
  • If you are having a problem with your elastics that results in them not staying in place or popping off/breaking a lot, please call us so we can determine what is causing this problem.

*** Wearing elastics as instructed will allow the treatment to stay on time and reach a successful result. Conversely, not wearing elastics as instructed will lead to a compromised treatment result. Good elastic compliance is a very important part of successful treatment.

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