Removable Appliance Care

Removable Appliance Care


retainerWear as instructed. If all time wear is requested, the appliance should be worn all of the time except during eating, brushing, sports, and playing musical instruments.


At least once a day, use cool water in a container with a cleaning tablet (Retainer Brite, Efferdent or Polident). Do not use warm or hot water. Hot water will distort the appliance causing it not to fit and necessitating that a new appliance be made. (Retainer Brite can be purchased at


New appliances sometimes have an odd taste. This will go away in a day or so – on its own. Soaking the appliance in mouthwash or cleaning it as described above will help.


New appliances will change your speech temporarily. This is a short term problem. Keep the appliance in and practice speaking with it in. Reading out loud and singing with it in will help. The more you talk with it in, the faster you will get used to it.

General Information

  • Having extra saliva is common with new appliances. This should last only a day or two.
  • Be gentle when handling the appliance. Rough handling can break it.
  • Do not click the appliance in/out with your tongue. This can loosen or damage the appliance.
  • Do not bite it into place. This can break the appliance.
  • Don’t wrap the appliance in a napkin. Always put it in the case when not wearing it. An appliance in a napkin often gets thrown away.
  • Don’t leave it where a pet can get it. It will break if a pet chews on it.
  • If the appliance no longer fits, it could be due to:
    • Loose primary teeth
    • Newly erupted teeth
    • The appliance has been bent out of shape
    • Teeth have moved out of proper alignment

Please call our orthodontist office if the appliance no longer fits.

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