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Plano Dental Insurance Plans We Accept

At Crain Orthodontics, we accept all dental insurance plans. We can assist you in filing your dental claim with your insurance provider and can accept an assignment of benefits to help reduce your out-of-pocket dental expenses!

Plano Dental In-Network PPO Providers

Additionally, we are In-Network dental providers for some major dental PPO insurance plans as well as for a few smaller companies. The selection of insurance companies listed below only reflects a few of the insurance plans where we are “In-Network” and have agreed to accept their fee schedule.

We are working continually to increase the number of In-Network Dental providers. In case your dental insurance plan is not listed; be sure to contact us at 972-618-5050, we will be happy to review your insurance plan.

Delta Dental Provider Plano

Delta Dental In-Network Provider

Cigna dental orthodontists plano

Cigna Dental Orthodontist Provider

United Concordia Dental Provider

United Concordia Dental Provider

BlueCross BlueShield Dental Provider Plano

BlueCross BlueShield Dental In-Network Provider

Guardian Dental Provider Plano

Guardian Dental In-Nework Provider


What is a PPO Dental Plan And How Does It Work?

A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) allows members the freedom to visit any dentist from the network of participating dental providers, which also includes specialists, without a referral.

The PPO also allows you receive the highest level of benefits when you receive care from a contracted dentist in the network. There is a significant reduction in your out-of-pocket expenses if you obtain care from participating providers in the network. You also do not need to worry about claim forms or having to fill out health claims on your own.

Do I Need to Select a Primary Care Dentist?

You are not required to choose a primary care dentist, as there are no referrals required. You can go to any dentists you choose.

Staying In-Network guarantees you receive the optimum level of benefits at lower rates; while avoiding the need for you to file your own claims.

Is a Referral Required to See a Dental Specialist?

You never need a referral whether you are using In-Network (commonly referred to as “Participating” or “Par Providers”) dental providers or out-of-network providers (commonly referred to as “Non-Participating” or “Non-Par Providers”).

Will I Save Money if I Visit a Participating In-Network Dentist?

Most certainly you save! Your out-of-pocket expenses are lower when visiting a dentist from the network. This is similar in benefits of choosing a primary care dentist.

Dental providers in the dental PPO Network have pre-arranged to render dental services to PPO members at a discounted rate (usually between 15% – 30%). 

However, if your dentist is outside the network, you may be billed for expenses that are outside the Reasonable and Customary (R&C) limit. Which means, should your nonparticipating dentist fees be higher than the set R&C amounts, which are nationally adopted by all insurance companies; then you are required to pay for the excess.


Dental Insurance Benefits Explained

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