Common Treatments

Common Orthodontic Treatments Before / After

Crowding of the Teeth

This patient was concerned about her appearance. Comprehensive treatment with upper and lower braces led to a nice result. She is very happy with her new smile.  

Plano Teeth Crowding Braces

Deep Bite (Upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth too much)

A deep bite can often lead to excessive wear of the teeth and to gum problems behind the upper front teeth if the lower teeth are biting on the palate. Orthodontic treatment can address the deep bite and lead to a proper fit of the teeth.

Plano Orthodontist Deep Bite Correction

Midline Shift

When the upper and lower center lines do not line up, it often means that the side and back teeth are not aligned properly.

Midline Shift Orthodontics Plano Texas

Protrusion  (Teeth angled too far forward)

This patient was concerned about his appearance and the way his front teeth fit together. As an orthodontist, I am also concerned that the protrusive upper front teeth are more likely to be injured in a traumatic accident. Orthodontic treatment addressed the protrusion and resulted in teeth that fit together better, look better, and are much less likely to be injured through trauma.

Tooth protrusion correction

Crossbite (Underbite)

This patient was concerned with how his teeth fit together. He had trouble eating, and he didn’t like his appearance. Orthodontic treatment with braces resulted in a proper fit of his teeth and a much improved appearance.

Plano Texas Crossbite Underbite Correction

Open Bite

This patient’s main concern was that she had difficulty biting food with her front teeth. She could not bite through a slice of pizza or a sandwich. Orthodontic treatment led to nice overlap of her front teeth. The treatment not only improved the appearance of her teeth – it also improved the function of her teeth. She is now very happy that she can bite all the way through foods with her front teeth.

Open Bite Correction

Spacing Issues

Spaces between the teeth are common. While moving the teeth to their proper positions during orthodontic treatment, we can close the spaces.

Plano Texas Teeth Spacing Specialist

Impacted Tooth

A tooth that does not erupt on its own is called an impacted tooth. This can happen to one tooth or several teeth. This is actually quite common, and orthodontic treatment is used to bring the impacted tooth into its proper position.

Impacted tooth

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