Types of Braces

Types of Braces (Brackets)

The words braces and brackets have the same meaning.   Orthodontists use the term brackets when talking about braces.  

Misconceptions about Types of Brackets: 

Several Bracket manufacturers make claims in their advertising that their brackets will move teeth faster and will result in shorter treatment time.  

No scientific studies have shown that these claims are true.  The manufacturers’ claims are based on marketing research rather than on orthodontic scientific research. The marketing is tailored to what will appeal to the public, even though the marketing claims are not supported by scientific research. There are many quality brackets that orthodontists can use.  However, there are no ‘magical’ brackets which suspend the laws of physics and thereby allow orthodontists to fulfill the grandiose marketing claims.  Scientific research is important in orthodontics just as it is in medicine.

The Brackets  We Use:

We use In-Ovation self-ligating brackets.  Self-ligating brackets have the newest technology and the most advanced design of orthodontic brackets. 


Self-ligating brackets have a clip or gate that closes and holds the bracket and the wire together. The wire doesn’t have to be ‘tied in’ to the bracket with an o-ring or a small stainless steel ligature wire that is necessary with older bracket designs.  In-Ovation brackets are manufactured by a company called GAC.  GAC, founded in 1943, is a very experienced company.  It has kept up with the times and is a leader in new orthodontic technologies.  GAC does not, however, make outrageous marketing claims that cannot be substantiated with scientific research.  In-Ovation self-ligating brackets have been recognized as an industry leader for over a decade. The fact that more than 43,000,000  In-Ovation brackets have been placed on teeth world-wide is evidence that these brackets are universally accepted and respected.  The precision and quality built into these brackets offer repeatable success and beautiful results.  

In-Ovation self-ligating brackets are available in stainless steel and ceramic.  The natural color of the ceramic brackets is a perfect fit for patients concerned about esthetics.  Both types of In-Ovation brackets – stainless steel and ceramic – utilize the advanced technology of self-ligation.  

In-Ovation brackets coincide with our philosophy of treating our patients with Contemporary Treatment Techniques based upon Traditional Values.  

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